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Sewage cleanup – why you should depend on professionals to do it right

12/20/2017 (Permalink)

sewage removal services

Even a minor plumbing problem can cause serious menace around the house and force the homeowners to treat the problem themselves with a mop, bucket and perhaps some bleach. Such minor water cleanup problems can be solved without professional help, but when it comes to sewage backup, it cannot be solved with a simple DIY project.

Sewage water is toxic. Sewage backup contains harmful bacteria and other dangerous elements that pose serious health risks to anyone exposed to it. Many a times, homeowners believe that treating problems such as a pipe burst or standing waste water lies within their capabilities, the truth however, is that water cleanupshould be best left to professionals to ensure safety and best outcomes.

Read on to know more about this dangerous sewage backups and why you should let professionals take care of it.

Why Sewage backups are dangerous?

Most sewage backup occurs when the lateral line between your home and the main sewage line gets blocked. The most common reasons for this are old worn out pipes, tree roots, and rain water that causes soil to shifty and block the lateral line. When standing sewage gets accumulated, you are exposed to morbid viruses, bacteria, fungi and deadly parasites. There have been cases where people have been affected by diseases like Hepatitis A and Encephalitis due to exposure to toxic sewage backups.  Hence, it is important to address the problem as early as possible and call for professional sewage removal services.

Why should you let the professionals do it?

  • Professionals follow a strict protocol

Proper sewage cleanup involves interrelated procedures which the professionals are trained to undertake. Raw sewage and the clogs which originate from deep within the plumbing can damage the structure of your house permanently. Unorganized and amateur attempts can magnify the problems. The professional companies providing specialized sewage removal services operate according to strict standards, minimizing further damages, and unclog pipes and prevent it from happening again.  

  • Professionals use special equipment

Professionals make use of special equipment including commercial grade vacuums and pumps to safely remove contaminated water. These hi-tech machinery is available only with professional companies and require professional handling for which their technicians are trained.

  • Professionals discard contaminated property

Items such a furniture or carpets, that may have come in contact with sewage water and pose health risks, should be identified and discarded. Your cleaning crew will have the expertise to identify the items which are salvageable and the ones which must be removed.

  • Professionals will sanitize your house

The cleaning job should be followed by sanitizing the entire house to completely get rid of the lingering microbes. Sanitization is also important to prevent mold growth, which causes its own host of health problems. Also, there are several infected areas in the house which can only be accessed by experts. By using the right cleaning methods and agents, the professionals will clean the crevasses, ducts and other difficult-to-access-areas, leaving your house fully sanitized and safe to occupy.

What can you do until professionals arrive at your doorstep?

It is recommended that all the members stay away from the sewage accumulation. However, until help arrives, owners can take small steps to ensure safety. These can include – turning off the electricity, shutting down the water lines, and avoiding the use of AC’s or heaters to prevent the circulation of contaminated dust around the house.

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