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Five stackable air movers and one LGR dehumidifier operating between a basement wall and pool table without baseboards. Some

Equipment That Addresses Harrington Park Water Damage

After this Harrington Park basement suffered water damage, SERVPRO responded with remediation tools like the air movers and dehumidifier depicted in the photo. They also removed some flooring and baseboards to prepare the space for necessary repairs.

Wood floorboards with standing water by a dresser

Garfield Water Damage Ruins Flooring

The water heater in this Garfield home dumped a huge amount of water and this photo is just one example of how ruinous slightly under an inch of standing water can be in a home. The floorboards have already started deteriorating and will require removal. 

Library with removed carpet in front of bookcases

Old Tappan Library Gets Professional Water Damage Restoration

This library in Old Tappan had significant water damage over a large area. SERVPRO technicians needed to remove the carpet to dry the area completely. Fortunately, the books and other items did not require removal during the water damage mitigation. 

Basement wall with plumbing pipes

Old Tappan Basement Midway Through the Mold Damage Remediation

As part of the mold damage mitigation in this Old Tappan basement, SERVPRO technicians applied anti-mold primer to the wall to inhibit the return of mold growth once the wall received the final top coat of paint. 

Basement with partially removed carpet and furnishings

Oradell Water Damage Includes Sewage

This photo is a good example of how exacting the water damage cleanup can be in Oradell properties. This basement needed water cleanup due to a toilet backup, however the technicians only removed the areas of carpet and baseboards  compromised by contaminated water, leaving the rest of the room intact.

Boxes lined up in a utility room with jugs nearby

Park Ridge Property Needs Packout During Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO technicians perform commercial fire damage remediation in Park Ridge properties in an organized fashion. This photo is a good example of the care that goes into every part of the restoration services, including cleaning supplies and removing items damaged by fire and water.

Bedroom with a square cut in the carpet with the subfloor exposed

SERVPRO Removes the Minimum Needed for Water Damage Restoration in Fort Lee

A pipe burst in this Fort Lee residential property resulted in the need for water damage remediation. The techs removed only the bedroom flooring that showed seepage under the carpet so the subfloor could dry. Clean lines get used in the removal process so repairs are easier.

Bathroom with white toilet and tub with light brown rugs

SERVPRO Never Relies on Visuals Along for Finding Water Damage in Norwood Properties

When SERVPRO arrived at this Norwood home, the extent of the water damage in the bathroom was apparent through a visual investigation that showed a wet bathroom rug on wet tile around the toilet. Further scoping showed the walls and ceiling had damage that required extraction and drying.

Kitchen ceiling with insulation visible through hole

Bergenfield Wet Insulation Water Damage Cleanup

A pipe break in this Bergenfield ceiling caused a large area of water damage. SERVPRO techs opened the ceiling to remove the insulation using specialized vacuums to open up the interior for drying both within the ceiling and the area below.

Room with substrate exposed

Fast Cleanup Needed After Water Damage in Glen Rock

This home in Glen Rock needed water damage restoration after a water softener unit failed and soaked a carpet in a single room. The carpet had no restoration potential and required removal in order to dry the subfloor underneath. 

Kitchen with hole in the ceiling

Ridgewood Kitchen and Bathroom Needs Water Damage Cleanup

This Ridgewood kitchen had water damage in the ceiling from the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. SERVPRO techs removed the sagging ceiling and dried the problem areas above and below to ensure the floor joists were dry. Afterward, they cleaned and disinfected all surfaces.

Dining room with furniture with a hole in the ceiling

Tenafly Dining Room Needs Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services

After fire damage occurred in this Tenafly property, the first responders were successful in stopping the spread of flames, however the water caused a ceiling collapse in the dining room and expanded the loss area that needed restoration. This job included a large amount of controlled demolition.

Room with sheetrock cut away around the floor joists and subfloor showing

Controlled Demolition for Old Tappan Storm Damage

When storm damage soaked this room in Old Tappan, SERVPRO technicians got to work for the homeowner. Scoping showed the water behind the baseboards and the sheetrock needed removal. The subfloor required drying so the carpet and padding got removed to open up the floor area.

Utility room with furnace and carpet removed from the doorway

Old Tappan Water Damage Cleanup in Progress

When a pipe burst in an Old Tappan utility room and affected a carpet, SERVPRO arrived quickly on the scene to limit the loss. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. The carpet just outside the utility room absorbed the water and required careful cutting away before techs dried the subfloor. 

Tan wall with a paint bubble filled with water

Norwood Paint Bubble Gives Away Water Damage

A living room in Norwood gave the homeowners a hint it had an issue with water damage by showing a large paint bubble. SERVPRO technicians were called to get rid of the water damage and the paint bubble. The technicians have the training to handle this type of unique damage.

basement with storm damage at the bottom of the staircase

Storm Damage in Cliffside Park Basement

This basement in Cliffside Park received storm damage that resulted in water under the stairs causing the rubber baseboard to pull away and require extraction on the carpet. The sheetrock behind the baseboard is crumbling and will require removal when SERVPRO technicians begin mitigation from the water damage.

exposed attice with removed ceiling panels. Many trusses are blackened by the fire

Dumont Fire Damaged House

The attic fire left behind hazardous, hanging debris in this Dumont home. SERVPRO technicians understand the need to secure the fire-damaged location before the cleanup and restoration services can proceed. Odor control with hydroxyl generators can start to improve the indoor air quality along with the demolition and removal of charred trusses.

water covering tile flooring

Water Damage In Dumont

Water can spell trouble for your home in Dumont. When a water damage disaster happens, you can count on our restoration experts to be ready to respond 24/7! SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County has the equipment and training to return your property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

carpeting covered in water

Commercial Water Damage In Cresskill

Once a water damage disaster has occurred in your Cresskill commercial property, you need to call the specialists at SERVPRO immediately. Our skilled crew is standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency! SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County has the certified personnel, training, equipment, and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Harrington Park Flood Water Removal

The first step in storm damage mitigation for this cellar in Harrington Park is to remove the water as soon as possible. Concrete is porous and absorbs water faster than it releases it back after initiating drying methods with air movers and dehumidifiers. SERVPRO works efficiently with submersible pumps to start the service.

Fire Damage Restoration In Harrington Park

The best solution to a fire in your home is to contact our crew at SERVPRO! Our fire damage specialists are ready 24/7 and will respond quickly to your call. We have the experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced training to restore your home in Harrington Park to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Water Damage in a Closter Ceiling

Plumbing failures from hidden pipes in the attic can lead to a surprise for homeowners in Closter when they see a water-stained sagging ceiling. SERVPRO technicians can drill weep holes into the sheetrock to drain any pooling water and then carefully tear out the ruined ceiling material. This controlled demolition is done with plastic sheeting protecting the floor and a HEPA air scrubber limiting any dust circulation.

Dumont Mold Remediation

When standing water soaks into the lower level of sheetrock, the result can also lead to mold growth. Our SERVPRO technicians have the skill and the advanced equipment, like this pictured HEPA filtered air scrubber, to capture airborne mold spores and particulates during the controlled demolition. Our product teams have many years of combined experience; rest assured on receiving the best possible service. 

Equipment In Action

At SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County we have the latest technology and equipment to handle your dry-out needs. In this photo we have several air movers running as well as a dehumidifier. 

Ceiling Leak

This home suffered roof damage caused by a storm that hit there home. Due to the high winds & possibly lose shingles, several shingles flew off the roof causing water to seep in to the home. We first had the roof tarped to prevent more damage from occurring followed by mitigating the interior.

Air Scrubber in Action

Here is a photo of an air scrubber we use for several different reasons but in this example we are using it to remove mold spores in the air while we perform mold remediation. An air scrubber is an air filtration system with a HEPA filter that removes particles in the air and limits cross-contamination. 

Mold In Kitchen

Take a look at the amount of mold found behind these lower kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, it is hard to check for mold behind cabinets without actually removing them. It is common for there to be some mold due to the amount of moisture found nearby from appliances like a dish washer which can have leaky connections or pipes. That is why it is important to check the connections between these types of appliances to make sure moisture is not escaping. 

Large Chain Restaurant

Local large chain restaurant in Paramus, NJ suffers from a broken sprinkler system pipe. This photo shows the main entrance to the restaurant where the waiting area for customers is covered with about a half an inch of standing water in some areas. This type of scenario doesn't allow a business to operate so we knew we need to act quickly to minimize business interruption & get them back running. 

Smoke Damage

This residence may look like there is not any damage occurring from an oven fire, however what you cant see is the layer of soot left on the walls, ceilings, furniture and personal belongings. Here is one of our technicians using a chemical sponge to wipe away soot from the walls. 

Attic Fire

In this photo you can see the extensive damage a fire produced in this home. The attic shown in this photo is the source of the fire where the end results of mitigation left the attic bare with just its structure remaining since there wasn't much to restore. 

Mold Containment

Our team using containment barriers to limit cross-contamination when performing mold remediation at a surgical center. The areas being treated are closed off to limit mold spores traveling outside of the affected area. 

Mold Behind The Walls

You can see in this photo the amount of mold found hiding behind the walls at this dentist office. Our team removed the affected walls and treated the structure behind which included using antimicrobial solution and HEPA vacuuming. 

What a Disaster

This mess is a result of a fire occurring in the attic located on the level above. This fire produced an extensive amount of damage to the home. Although it took a lot of time and effort not to mention two 30 yard dumpsters our team got it done. 

Soaked Carpeting

Take a look at how much water this carpet is holding on to. Here you can see the homeowner was trying to extract the water with their own shop vac but they weren't able to handle the large carpeted area with all the water it had absorbed. This is when our technicians took over with our powerful truck mount water extractor to soak up all that water before removing the carpet. 

Weird Selfies

Janet and Tony working hard planning events. Your Fire, Water and Mold Remediation specialists at SERVPRO of Paramus. This picture was taken towards the end of a 12 hour day... a moment of temporary insanity for sure.

Clothing Store

This photo shows our team using air movers to dry out the storage area of this children's clothing store. We handle not just residential damages but also commercial spaces like this one. 

Golf Outing

Our very own Tony D'Arco taking a swing at the Knights of Columbus annual golf outing last week. After days and days of rain prior, this day turned out to be a gorgeous one perfect for some golf. 

Surgical Eye Center

This photo shows this surgical eye center in Fair Lawn, NJ undergoing mitigation. Our team set up containment to keep the area as sterile as possible. The reason for the containment was due to asbestos found on site as well as poor air quality testing showing high mold spores count. We tried to limit any contamination with the unaffected areas. 

Generator in Action

Sometimes we fall into situations where a loss site we are called to doesn't have any power for us to run or use equipment. We, at SERVPRO Of Northeast Bergen County, will still be able to get the job done by providing a generator on site to produce electricity to get everything up and running. 

Ozone Machine

Here is a photo of our ozone machine in action at a home in Rutherford, NJ. This is being used to counteract the smoke produced from a fire in this home.Ozone treatment is used to deodorize, disinfect, kill or remove dangerous or irritating airborne particles.

Weighted Extractor In Action

Check out our technician extracting water from this carpet with the use of a weighted extractor. Although tedious it is very good at getting moisture out. In fact it can remove up to 97% of water in carpet. 

Getting Those Floors Dry

This water loss located in River Vale, NJ started in the second floor bathroom and made its way through the ceiling below and onto these hardwood floors shown. Our first priority was saving the hardwood floors with the use of drying mats. Our technicians set up containment to keep the nearby kitchen safe from debris. 

Sneak Peak Inside Our Warehouse

Here is a shot of one section of our warehouse where we store some of our drying equipment. This 14,000 square foot facility is not just used to hold our equipment and tools but can be used to store customer belongings that need to be held in storage until mitigation/restoration is completed. 

Annual Charity Golf Outing

Do you enjoy playing golf? Join us for our annual charity golf outing on May 21st at the Falkirk Estate and County Club in Central Valley, NY. Breakfast and lunch will be served along with raffle prizes.  

Meet Our Crew

The SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County Production Team. Not just a team but a family. We are proud to have such great technicians working for our company. Hopefully you will never have to meet any of them but if you do just know you are in good hands.